New 4-bedroom contemporary dwelling formed by three different cubic volumes that project and cantilever out from each other.

All the services are placed to the front and side, while the habitable spaces are to the back of the plot to maximise the amount of natural light and stunning views of the site. The Kitchen, family and dining room become the core of the house and are open to both the front and back of the property to benefit from sun and daylight throughout the day.

The design solution sees the main two storey structure run parallel to the street frontage and houses most of the functions of the property.   The ground floor perpendicular volume accommodates the main entrance and a separate snug, while the second perpendicular volume is home the master bedroom and cantilevers from the first floor. Externally the design plays with two main materials: white render and black aluminium cladding that emphasize the idea of different volumes that link to configure the new dwelling and acknowledge the local agricultural buildings.   The result is sensational.