We were delighted to be asked to design a 3000 sq ft, 4-bedroom replacement dwelling in Oxfordshire, with the result being formed by the junction of three different volumes, that turn and adjust to the shape of the plot.

The house itself is be built from SIPS (structurally Insulated panels) and wholly clad in grey slate.  We have used traditional material in a contemporary way.

The design comprises of two wings, connected with a double height gallery space. Drawing both the light and views through the building. The wings are built at different angles to take full advantage of the views from each room. At the heart of the design is a courtyard which is accessed on 3 sides, from the ground floor living spaces.

The Slate House is a stunning contemporary home that is uncompromising in its design, yet sustainable. That is to say that the house is very, environmentally efficient, respectful to its natural environment, comfortable for family life, and makes full use of alternative energy sources. The home is densely insulated, extremely airtight and uses a MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat recovery) system to create clean healthy building, with the addition of an air source heat pump to heat the building.