noun. /ˈbluprɪnt/ a photographic print of a plan for a building, with white lines on a blue background blueprint (for something) a plan which shows what can be achieved and how it can be achieved.

Welcome to our ‘BluPrint Homes’, a virtual catalogue of Architect led predesigned homes.
At Lynn Palmer Architects we specialise in understanding the needs of our clients and designing sustainable homes for the
future. After browsing our website, clients often ask us “can we have a house like that?” which is closely followed by “how much
will it cost?”
We’ve put our creative heads together and come up with a concept that makes ‘Self Build easy’. An Architect led design
solution creating predesigned homes for Self-Builders. Using our 25 years’ experience in the residential sector, we’ve put
together a catalogue of designs that we know you will love. We’ve done the hard work for you by taking out the unknowns and
pulling together almost everything you will need to start building.

Self build made EASY- SUSTAINABLE homes for the future

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    B:1/linear house

    The B1 / Linear House is designed around a simple cost-effective rectangular form over 193 sqm GIA.

    B:2/twin gables

    Simple and elegant the twin gables maximise living spaces and minimises circulation over 204sqm GIA with four bedroom.

    B:2/cube house

    This stunning contemporary cube, packs in a huge amount of accommodation on a relatively compact site. From only 230msq GIA you still get 5 good double bedrooms.